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Internships in South Africa

South Africa has a lot to offer to international students who want to experience life abroad, explore a beautiful country, meet new people and work on their resume at the same time. From student accommodation, car hire, Visa information, activities and discounted travel options, intends to offer you the building blocks to arrange your internship in South Africa. But it all starts with one thing: finding a good quality internship placement in South Africa, and of course we can help you with this as well!


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Being one of the first European internship mediation agencies in South Africa, we understand the needs of international students in regards to finding an internship placement in South Africa. Under the name 4exchange Internships we help international students in finding quality internship placements and graduation assignments in Cape Town and Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Due to our strong local business network, personal and professional approach and complete and affordable service package, 4exchange Internships is the market leader in organizing international internship programs at companies in South Africa.


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Being European but based in Cape Town and Port Elizabeth gives us the opportunity to offer you the kind of personalized service you need. All companies where we place students are visited and screened. Before you arrive we discuss your internship assignments with the company or organisation you will be working at. Besides this, we pick you up from the airport, provide you with the best suitable student accommodation available, provide you with a welcome package with SIM Card and organize regular meetings and trips to places that you might not find yourself. 4exchange Internships is always approachable for support during you stay in South-Africa. And just for those who want to know... 4exchange internships is one of the most affordable internship mediation agencies in South Africa. Our mediation fee is 450,- Euro, no matter how long you are planning to stay. Our program is open to world wide participants.


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